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AImee: Security

I’m here to talk about why good security is so important for advancing a trusted future. Our digital ecosystem is under near constant threat from malicious actors

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AImee: Equity and Inclusion

One of the foundational challenges facing leaders today is how to advance a thriving innovation ecosystem that is more equitable, inclusive, and trustworthy for all Americans.

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AImee: Privacy

Let’s talk about privacy, and why we need more progress from companies and Congress to protect it. Almost every day, people are turning to their smart devices to help them do more things in smarter ways –

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AImee: Trust in Technology

Despite enormous advances, we’ve only seen a fraction of what the digital revolution has yet to deliver. New and emerging technologies just over the horizon will not only help us do things never before possible,

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Meet AImee: Trust and AI

AImee was created using several cutting-edge AI tools to help explain key technology topics and raise awareness around the need to drive trust into technologies for tomorrow. 

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Adam Golodner: Global trust and technology networks: Beware the trifurcation

Recently, I attended the annual Munich Security Conference and came away with a deepening concern about what I’m calling the “trifurcation” of the global technology ecosystem. The trifurcation is a further balkanization of the technology ecosystem as the West and China pull away from each other’s products and services, which is causing a bifurcation of global networks and data flows.

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