Privacy Notice

We operate to help communicate with you and others about the importance of our work.  We believe that simple, transparent privacy practices are imperative to building the trust we need to move us all forward.   

It’s important to us that you are able to understand what we may collect, how we may use it, who else may have access to it, and how you can manage the information you share with us.  We’ve outlined that here.  If we ever decide to change this document, we’ll add a section detailing the changes we make called “Changes We’ve Made” so you’ll see what we’ve done and why.   


If you have any questions or would like for us to delete any of your data, just reach out at   


We may collect data several different ways… 

  • You give us information voluntarily.  You may fill out a form on our website that asks for information like your e-mail address, your name, your mailing address, or phone number.  Some forms may also ask for additional details like comments or areas of interest.  When you fill out and submit those forms, we store that data either at servers we control or with third-party vendors, and those systems may append additional information, like the IP address of your computer.  
  • One of our web tools appends data based on information you’ve given us.  Some of our tools may add additional data based on the information you’ve given us.  For example, if you give us your zip code, we may translate that to city and state.  Or, we may send you an email and you click a link – our third-party email system may then be able to tell that you’ve opened the email and which link you clicked.   
  • We log some information anonymously.  We may collect anonymous web traffic data that allows us to understand how many people visit our website, which pages they visit, how they found us, and additional information.  This information is stored with a third-party and is used for statistical purposes. 
  • We may use cookies.  We may also use a cookie to measure website performance metrics or remember you when you login.  As a general policy, we do not used third-party cookies for tracking purposes. 

To be clear: unless you give it to us voluntarily and proactively, we will not collect or store any personally identifying information.   


We use your data narrowly.  In general, your data will be used to help us communicate with you better about our mission.  We may use your personal data for legitimate and lawful business purposes in the following ways:    

  • The most important thing first: We will never sell, rent, or give your data to a third party unless they are a vendor operating in service of our mission, and only then doing so in a way outlined in this privacy notice.  A vendor may mean a third-party technology platform, like a system to help us securely manage our email lists, or a public relations agency, or our hosting providers or security vendors. In any event, if we share your data with one of these third parties, they’re bound by the same policy notice here, at a minimum, and if such transfer originates from the European Union, we will apply appropriate measures designed to ensure the lawful transfer of such personal information.           
  • If you give us personally identifying information, we may use that to help communicate with you on other platforms.  For example, if you give us your email address, we may serve ads to social media accounts with the same email address.  
  • Depending where you are, your data may also cross some form of jurisdictional border.  For example, you may be in California, a server may be in New York, and someone we’ve authorized is accessing data may be in Florida.  
  • As separately consented by you, or as necessary for legal, security, or compliance purposes.
  • We will retain your personally identifying information for only so long as necessary for the purposes for which it was originally acquired, unless you consent otherwise, or a legal obligation requires us to retain such information longer.


You should have the ability to manage how your data is shared with us.  Here are your options: 

  • We respect the “Do Not Track” (DNT) feature that many modern web browsers support and will attempt to honor it as much as technically possible.  DNT still has no true standard, so it’s possible that there is a scenario we can’t cover, but we’ll do the best we can. 
  • You can also turn off first- or third-party cookies and we will not use them.   
  • You’re always free to unsubscribe from our email lists by clicking the link included in any of them we send you.   
  • If, at any time, you want to access, correct, cease using, export, or  delete any of your personally identifiable information from our systems (name, email address, etc.), email us at and we’ll do it.  You will get a confirmation from us once we’ve completed your request. 


We’ve built our website and selected our vendors based on our best efforts to safely and securely store and manage any data we may collect.  But, despite our efforts to identify responsible and secure vendors and implement appropriate security measures, there may be an unforeseen incident that may expose your personally identifiable information.  If we ever become aware of any such incident, we will let you know as soon as we can using the information you’ve provided us.  


We know you may be from California or a state with similar law, and you have specific privacy rights by law.         If you are a California resident of a state with similar law, you may request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to any third parties for their direct marketing purposes.  Various provisions throughout this Privacy Notice address requirements of the Californian and similar privacy statutes.  In summary, you must presume that we collect electronic information from all visitors.  You may contact us at address under PRIVACY CONTACT INFORMATION      with any questions: 


If you are located in the European Union or the United Kingdom, you have specific privacy rights by law, such as the GDPR, which we offer to provide to you under this notice.  You have the right to lodge a complaint with your local supervisory authority if you believe your legal rights have been violated.   You should also be aware that the United States, where we are located, is not considered adequate by your data protection authority.


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