Our future will be built on trust.

We stand on the precipice of a new era of technological progress and innovation with the potential to enable us to do things never before possible, vastly improve the quality of life for billions around the globe and help solve some of our world’s most intractable problems. But it is becoming increasingly clear that we risk missing or delaying these transformational opportunities if people lack the foundational trust in the technologies and services needed to deliver it.   

Today, our trust is at stake. An ever-increasing set of challenges threatens to undermine our foundations of trust. People are increasingly concerned about being able to protect their privacy, safety, and security online.  They are concerned about inclusiveness, accountability, and whether tomorrow’s digital ecosystem will be better than today’s. 

Trusted Future is coming together around a shared belief that we need smarter, more pragmatic and informed efforts to help tackle today’s challenges and raise the level of trust in today’s digital ecosystem in order to expand opportunities for tomorrow. 

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We need the ability to trust that the technologies we use are secure by design. Security needs to be a foundational design element built into systems at every level. This will foster agile solutions across the ecosystem that embrace best practice standards, enable continuous innovation in cyber-defenses, advance globally recognized frameworks, and should be underpinned by smart government policies to keep personal and business data secure and our economy moving forward. 

We need the ability to trust that our privacy is protected as a basic digital right. The exponential growth of personal data has elevated the need for a more trusted digital ecosystem where users have the tools they need to control their own data. And as more of our lives move online, especially at a younger age, we need real and modern safeguards that can protect us from malicious, fraudulent, and unethical actors that seek to deceive, harm, or exploit our trust.   

We need the ability to trust that the technologies of tomorrow will be even better than today. Building a foundational layer of trust into our technological future is a prerequisite for harnessing innovation for a more equitable economy and solving key societal challenges. In a trusted future, the next life-changing breakthroughs are not simply connecting new kinds of devices to the internet, but rather connecting people to new kinds of opportunities. 

We need the ability to trust that our future is more equitable and inclusive. Technology can be a powerful opportunity equalizer but only if it is inclusive by design, conceived and built by a more diverse group of innovators, overcomes biases, and is used to build a more just and equitable world.

In order to ensure that innovation keeps fueling positive change that is more equitably shared, it is critical that our digital infrastructure maintain the trust of the public, particularly when it comes to protecting privacy, deterring and defeating attacks, and establishing a safe and secure ecosystem.


Trusted Future is a non-profit organization dedicated to the belief that we need smarter, better-informed efforts to enhance trust in today’s digital ecosystem in order to expand opportunities for tomorrow. We believe we deserve a vibrant digital ecosystem that is trusted, responsible, inclusive, and safe — one where you can trust that your privacy will be protected, your data will be secured, your safety can be protected, that leads to a more just, equitable and inclusive society, and that fosters previously unthinkable opportunities to improve your life.  We bring together experts, advance new research, highlight common sense best practices, policies and recommendations, and explore new ways to foster and enhance the basic trust we need to support and sustain a healthier digital ecosystem.