A trusted future empowers each of us.



It’s about enabling a farmer trying to produce more with less knowing he can trust that his precision farming investment can’t be shut down by malware.


It is about giving a factory worker the smarter tools they need to better compete with workers around the globe without fear of the factory being shut down by ransomware.


It’s about enabling a scrappy inventor from an economically disenfranchised community to become the next new thing in the global marketplace by trusting that her bright new invention won’t be stolen by hackers.


Even though nothing is more sensitive than an individual’s medical records, this is about enabling an elderly patient to connect with their doctor for more personalized home-monitored care without fear that her privacy will be undermined.


It’s about enabling every student – regardless of geography or income – to take full advantage of digital learning so they are prepared to compete and win the new jobs of the future without fear that their digital records will be exploited.


It’s about empowering a parent with the tools she needs to allow her children to access the whole universe of online knowledge while resting assured that they are protected from malware and bad actors that might do them harm.