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POLLING MEMO: National Survey on Cybersecurity, Trust, and Tech Policy
Survey shows Americans trust U.S. companies – and device manufacturers in particular – most to close the technology trust gap and want government to
ISSUE BRIEF: How the Bipartisan Innovation Bill Can Help Drive a More Trusted Future
Innovation is the key to economic growth, improved standards of living, opportunities for all Americans and even America’s strength on the world stage.
Our CISA Zero Trust Comment
We share the view that mobile devices “present unique opportunities and challenges in adopting comprehensive zero trust models” and applaud CISA’s efforts to advance
More Than Ever, Security Matters
Current headlines remind us that security matters, in all of its forms. Top of mind for those of us in the cybersecurity community is
Our Scientific Integrity Comment to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
As science and technology become more intertwined, it is increasingly essential that technical integrity principles be elevated alongside scientific integrity principles. This will ensure
Tech Leaders Must Raise Awareness And Build Trust To Close The Cybersecurity Gap
Anxiety is not translating into commensurate action to protect their personal data online. It is essential that those of us in technology leadership positions