Pragmatic Steps to Deliver Digital Connectivity, Trust, and Opportunity For All
At a time when access to the digital world has become increasingly indispensable for almost every aspect of modern life, one of the greatest
G7 leaders put security stake in the ground—global competition policymakers and enforcers can too
Leaders of companies today need to pay attention to geopolitical, legislative, and regulatory issues. The advancement of technology is stressing governments out, and sometimes
Global trust and technology networks: Beware the trifurcation
Recently, I attended the annual Munich Security Conference and came away with a deepening concern about what I’m calling the “trifurcation” of the global
Will 2023 be the year we make big progress on privacy?
In 1973, the first handheld cell phone call was made on a clunky phone that cost $4,000 at the time. In 1983, Time magazine put a personal
Building Trust In Technology
Punchbowl News Event: Conversation With Rep. Suzan DelBene, Anna Palmer, Jim Kohlenberger, and Edward “Smitty” Smith
Encryption Helps Ukrainians Resist Russia’s Invasion, but a European Plan Threatens the Underlying Trust Any Tech User Needs
Western military assistance to Ukraine has clearly been an essential part of its ability to defend itself against Russian attacks. Another critical factor, highlighted
We Might Need More Cyber Lawyers
Do we really need more lawyers? According to the American Bar Association, there are roughly 1.34 million active lawyers in the United States—
Building Trust In Technology
Punchbowl News Event: Conversation With Rep. Eric Swalwell, Anna Palmer, Maureen Olhausen, and Ken Gude
Can CHIPS+ Cure America’s Economic Cynicism?
In the midst of high concern about the economy and following the failure of the climate and social spending bill that once contained President Biden’s Build