Empower Your Kids to Become Security-Savvy

During the pandemic we saw just how important digital devices can be for kids as their tablet became a gateway to their classroom, enabling them to swipe their hand across the screen to access the whole universe of knowledge the Internet contains. But in a recent Trusted Future survey, nearly 6 in 10 adults said they lacked trust in the security of the technology that they use. Worse yet, only about half of respondents are adopting the basic cyber security practices recommended by experts. Given that human error is the main cause of 95% of cybersecurity breaches, we all stand to gain from adopting these basic best practices.

Like adults, kids can become victims of cybercrime, have their accounts compromised, their digital privacy violated, or their identities stolen. Despite their tech savvy, children can be especially vulnerable to social engineering attacks and other forms of online manipulation. With mobile malware on the rise and smartphones in the hands of almost every teen, more and more kids are getting messages trying to trick them into clicking a malicious link or downloading a free game loaded with malware.

Fortunately, Trusted Future’s survey of American parents found that large majorities recognize the importance of talking to their kids about online safety.