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The U.S. Trust Landscape

Our survey research shows the various dimensions of today’s trust gap, explores the way it is impeding important digital progress, highlights the key factors which must be overcome, and explores the vast opportunities that can be achieved when we do. These survey results, when combined with other insights and research, highlight the need for pragmatic policy choices and provide a potential pathway for advancing trusted frameworks that can facilitate comprehensive action toward a more trusted digital future.

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We stand on the precipice of a new era of technological progress and innovation with the potential to enable us to do things never before possible, vastly improve the quality of life for billions around the globe, and help solve some of our world’s most intractable problems. But it is becoming increasingly clear that we risk missing or delaying these transformational opportunities if people lack the foundational trust in the technologies needed to deliver them.

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Take Back Control Of Your Personal Data

Data privacy is a fundamental right and one principle that flows from this is that consumers should be able to easily control the flow of their data through the digital ecosystem. For that right to have meaning, consumers must be able to understand the data flows and business models of any application or service they use and be able to make informed decisions about the collection, transfer, and use of their data.

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Practice Good Cyber Hygiene

Practicing good basic cyber hygiene is one of the best, and easiest, ways people can protect themselves from cyber criminals and others that mean you harm. Experts estimate that over 80% of cyber incidents could have been stopped if the targets had adopted good cyber hygiene practices. Adoption of basic and widely recognized cyber hygiene best practices can be one of the first and most important defenses people can employ to better protect themselves from ever-evolving and increasing cyber threats.

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Adam Golodner: We Need a Cyber Trusted Future and a New Trust Framework

We need a new approach to trust — one that sets out a future-focused Trust Framework laying out key indicia of security and privacy and allows a technology producer or service provider to understand the holistic criteria they could meet that would enable someone to trust their product or service — and if they’d like, state or certify that they exhibit indicia of trust.

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