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Global trust and technology networks: Beware the trifurcation
Recently, I attended the annual Munich Security Conference and came away with a deepening concern about what I’m calling the “trifurcation” of the global
Shaping our Technology Future: The Role of Government in Advancing Trusted Innovation
As the US seeks to crank up our innovation engine, drive a more trusted digital ecosystem, and harness emerging technologies to solve major societal
Privacy, Equity, and Civil Rights Request for Comment
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on addressing the critical issues at the intersection of privacy, equity, and civil rights. We are delighted
DMA Implementation Workshop on App Stores – Hard to Square the Circle
The European Commission is moving forward on its implementation of the recently passed Digital Markets Act (DMA). To this end, it is holding a series
DMA Interoperability Ambitions Need to be Tempered by Reality
As the European Union and member states move forward with implementing the ambitious Digital Markets Act (DMA), they face some big challenges in terms
Will 2023 be the year we make big progress on privacy?
In 1973, the first handheld cell phone call was made on a clunky phone that cost $4,000 at the time. In 1983, Time magazine put a personal