Adam Golodner: Global trust and technology networks: Beware the trifurcation

Recently, I attended the annual Munich Security Conference and came away with a deepening concern about what I’m calling the “trifurcation” of the global technology ecosystem. The trifurcation is a further balkanization of the technology ecosystem as the West and China pull away from each other’s products and services, which is causing a bifurcation of global networks and data flows.

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Our CISA Zero Trust Comment

We share the view that mobile devices “present unique opportunities and challenges in adopting comprehensive zero trust models” and applaud CISA’s efforts to advance ZT from a mobile device perspective – especially given the dynamically changing and critical mobile threat environment. As mobile devices become even more essential to the way the government works, the way federal workers do their jobs, and the way agencies deliver services, it’s become even more essential that leaders incorporate proven trustworthy principles in their enterprise mobility strategies,

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Adam Golodner: More Than Ever, Security Matters

Current headlines remind us that security matters, in all of its forms. Top of mind for those of us in the cybersecurity community is whether critical infrastructure functions, defense forces can communicate, citizens are accessing truthful information, and the technology underpinnings of economic and national security can be trusted and are available.

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