Our NTIA Comments

Trusted Future believes it is critical for the information infrastructure of today, and obtaining the benefitsof the emerging technology of tomorrow, to have a vibrant digital ecosystem that is trusted, responsible, inclusive, and safe — one where you can trust that your privacy will be protected, your data will be secured, your safety can be guaranteed, and that advancements in technology will lead to a more just, equitable and inclusive society.

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Our CISA Zero Trust Comment

We share the view that mobile devices “present unique opportunities and challenges in adopting comprehensive zero trust models” and applaud CISA’s efforts to advance ZT from a mobile device perspective – especially given the dynamically changing and critical mobile threat environment. As mobile devices become even more essential to the way the government works, the way federal workers do their jobs, and the way agencies deliver services, it’s become even more essential that leaders incorporate proven trustworthy principles in their enterprise mobility strategies,

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