Jim Kohlenberger: Pragmatic Steps to Deliver Digital Connectivity, Trust, and Opportunity For All

At a time when access to the digital world has become increasingly indispensable for almost every aspect of modern life, one of the greatest challenges facing leaders today is how we extend digital opportunity to everyone. Fortunately, there are pragmatic steps within reach that policymakers and business leaders can take to ensure connectivity for all, trust for all, and opportunity for all.

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Adam Golodner: G7 leaders put security stake in the ground—global competition policymakers and enforcers can too

Leaders of companies today need to pay attention to geopolitical, legislative, and regulatory issues. The advancement of technology is stressing governments out, and sometimes the reaction is counterproductive and the impact unintended. CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and GCs must work together, understand the playing field, and weigh in to shape the policy path forward, as current policy decisions are shaping—sometimes not for the good—the technology and market ecosystem right now.

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Adam Golodner: Global trust and technology networks: Beware the trifurcation

Recently, I attended the annual Munich Security Conference and came away with a deepening concern about what I’m calling the “trifurcation” of the global technology ecosystem. The trifurcation is a further balkanization of the technology ecosystem as the West and China pull away from each other’s products and services, which is causing a bifurcation of global networks and data flows.

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