Lillian Rincon


Changing How We Manage Daily Life: Google Assistant

  • A half-Chinese and half-Spanish immigrant from Venezuela, Lillian Rincon found comfort in the universal language of Math upon her arrival to Canada as a child. This relationship led her to pursue a career in computer science, which eventually resulted in her appointment as a senior director of Google Assistant. Rincon has spent much of her adult life working at Silicon Valley companies like Microsoft and Skype before joining Google.
  • Lillian and her teams have been integral to developing some of the most recent features of Google Assistant like the Home Hub smart display. Outside of her work at Google, she attends and speaks at events like the Latinas in Tech summit where she shares how her life experiences have impacted her professional development and decision-making.

Building a Trusted Future

  • Google Assistant seeks to change the way society interacts with technology. From scheduling help to translation services, Google Assistant makes daily tasks and routines easier to manage. Bringing all services into one hub serves as an example of a trusted future in action.