Khalia Braswell


The Educator

  • Khalia Braswell is the Founder of INTech Camp for Girls. Braswell, currently completing a PhD focused on computer science education, is passionate about engaging girls of color to explore careers in technology.

Building a Trusted Future

  • Braswell started INTech Camp for Girls in 2014 when she was a grad student studying computer science in North Carolina. Since then, more than 1,300 Black and Latina girls have participated in InTech’s STEM-focused camps. In addition to a rich education in the foundations of computer science and technology, InTech seeks to give its student scholars confidence to pursue a career in technology by facilitating conversations with successful women of color in computer science and technology.
  • After graduating, Braswell moved to California to become a software engineer. However, she later left her “dream job” to work on INTech full time and focus on her passion for computer science education.