Guillermo González Camarena


The Father of Color Television

  • An engineer from Arandas, Mexico, Guillermo González Camarena developed the technology that paved the way for color television. In 1940, at 23 years old, Camarena patented a chromoscopic adapter, an early color television transmission system.
  • Camarena hand-built the Chromoscopy Adapter for Television Equipment, which was designed specifically to adapt to black-and-white TV equipment.
  • Camarena’s creativity extended beyond his inventions—as a successful songwriter, Camarena wrote songs that helped underwrite his pioneering engineering work.

Building a Trusted Future

  • Camarena’s technology is responsible for how the modern world consumes television and the countless innovations that have occurred in the field of screens.
  • NASA employed similar technology in 1979 to transmit some of the earliest images of the planet Jupiter.